About Laura

I love supporting people embody and hold all the aspects of themselves with lovingkindness, compassion and understanding, and I work with people living with trauma, depression and the struggle to love the body he/she/they live in. Many of the people I work with come in with beliefs of “there is something wrong with me,” or “I am not good enough.”

My mission is to support people uncover their wholeness beneath these beliefs while learning to hold both their strengths and challenges with understanding. I also practice from an anti-oppression lens meaning I work with the ways identities that experience privilege and marginalization affect the our interactions with ourselves and others.

I turned to yoga in 2002 when I was struggling with my own “not good enough” beliefs. I was working at a therapeutic day school, and while trying to save the world I began suffering from insomnia. I was overwhelmed, depressed, burnt out and certain that if I just worked harder I could in fact save the world. After I started yoga I was sleeping like a baby and my mind and body were more at ease. I was able to handle stressful situations easier, I was more present, and I was able to see answers to my challenges with more clarity and intuition. I healed (and continue to heal) with body and mind, which is why I am so passionate about using a holistic approach to mental health. Sometimes we can not talk our way into healing.

After moving to Seattle from Chicago in 2003 I decided to dedicate more of my life to yoga after the profound effects the practice had on me. I have been teaching since 2004 and practicing yoga therapy since 2007. I am a certified Integrated Movement Therapist ® and have studied IRest (a type of meditation used to work with symptoms of trauma and anxiety) with Richard Miller. I also received my Master’s in Child, Couple and Family Therapy from Antioch University in 2007. My mental health training heavily influences my personal style of yoga therapy in that I am very interested in the mental/emotional experiences as well as the physical, energetic, relational and systemic.

This works fills me up, and I am grateful to share it with the world. I am also an anatomy nerd, daily meditator, social justice warrior, animal lover, voracious reader and constant seeker. Most of all, I have dedicated my life and Satmato Yoga Therapy to the practice of compassion and lovingkindness. I welcome you.